Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My new post (obviously)

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(get it?)

and welcome to my wearable arts post. This post will be about my groups wearable arts project. Here is a photo of the project we have made. 

As you can see, it is a boat.

There are 3 people in my group. Me, Marshal and Kaleb. We are doing the Marshal Islands fishing festival because the leader of our group is Marshal and... well... lets hope you get it. We made it out of 2 cardboard box's, old fabric, a tube or something (look at my hand with the flag in it), fishing wire, a flat peace of cardboard (witch we rowed up) and little joey.

Yes, we named a fish.

Thanks for reading. If you liked it comment down below to let me know. and until next time. 



  1. Mackenzie you crack me up! I loved your boat and the fact that you named your fish! Did you enjoy Wearable Arts? What is one thing that you would change if you could do it again? Miss H

  2. Halo to you too Mackenzie! We loved coming to watch the wearable arts show. You had a fantastic smile on your face for most of the night. Would you choose the same festival again or can you think of some more? xx Mum


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